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Toby McGinnis is the poster child for the “American Dream” and proof that with hard work, you can do anything you put your mind to. Toby started as a temporary making minimum wage in Bowling Green, Kentucky and worked his way up the ranks, working many roles and gaining experience in the quality world. But from the very beginning he had always wanted to own his own business and in 2009 he took the leap. Toby was laid off in what is now called the “Great Recession,” and decided to take his knowledge and experience in manufacturing and fulfill the dream. It started with him sorting parts by himself on third shift and now Cross Check floats near 200 employees and services customers throughout Kentucky, Northern Tennessee and works with suppliers from around the world!

Over the Years

Through hard work and an amazing team, Cross Check has grown and worked its way up to supporting 100's of employees and building a strong client base.

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Cross Check breaks ground and begins construction on new warehouse